What do buyers say about Sleep&Glow

What do buyers say about Sleep&Glow


I couldn’t be more delighted with the pillow. I even had to buy an extra one for my husband to use, since he was stealing mine! I used to suffer from a pain in my neck every morning, but now with this pillow I sleep so well, and the pain has gone away.


I’d been considering purchasing this pillow for a long time and after reading a lot of reviews I decided to finally buy one. After three nights of using the pillow everything has changed for me. The quality of my sleep has improved, the stiffness in my neck has gone away, and I wake up with a fresh face without creases. Thanks so much!


For the last three months I’ve been sleeping on the new Sleep&Glow pillow. This pillow has a special anatomic shape with side hollows to prevent face compression against the pillow during sleep. In addition, there’s neck support to care about spine health. I can sleep both on the side and the back. The skin on my face doesn’t get squashed. It’s such a pity that I didn’t know about this pillow before. The Sleep&Glow pillow is the most comfortable pillow in my life. I don’t think I will ever move back to my previous ordinary pillow. Imagine, you’re sleeping, and something is taking care of the skin on your face, so that no more wrinkles appear.


I want to express my great admiration for the Sleep&Glow pillow. I’m so happy to own this pillow! It is truly comfortable, and I do not suffer anymore from morning puffiness and creases. I have owned other orthopaedic pillows and had my doubts that any would work, but this pillow really works! It was love from the first night!


Thank you for the timely delivery of the pillow. It was wrapped very nicely, and the usage instructions were very clear. The results I’ve experienced from sleeping on the pillow have exceeded my expectations. The pillow is very pleasant to touch, and I no longer experience morning puffiness and sleep wrinkles. I wish you a lot of happy customers, who will prolong their youth and health with your pillow.


In the 10 weeks I’ve owned this pillow it has helped me to start sleeping on my back and has eliminated my neck cramps and back stiffness. I thought that I’d need to buy a new mattress to solve my problems, but it turns out I just needed to buy this pillow.


The pillow is very comfy, especially the silk pillow case which is smooth to the touch and gentle to sleep on.


I can recommend the Sleep&Glow pillow to anyone who cares about their health. With this pillow it is very comfortable to sleep on your side, neck, half-side or stomach. My husband mentioned that I look younger and have no more sleep marks on my face in the morning. I love it so much, I even brought the pillow with me on vacation!


The Sleep&Glow pillow is a miracle. I can hardly get off the pillow in the morning. I was surprised to see that I don’t have morning puffiness any more. The face color has become so fresh. All in all, I don’t regret the purchase. It is worth the money.


Hello! I wanted to let you know that the Sleep&Glow is even better than I expected. The soft material makes it the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever used before. The biggest worry I had was how I would put my arm under the pillow as this is how I normally sleep, but due to the design and the special neck support it offers, I don’t even want to put my arm under the pillow any longer. I’m so delighted! Thank you for this wonderful product!

Cheryl King

I am so happy I purchased this pillow. When I wake up, I go straight to the mirror and am elated to see NO new wrinkles on my face! I love the support it gives my neck. I did hesitate to make the purchase because of the price but am so glad I did. I am very pleased with my decision. I think it even helps me sleep better!

Julie Becker

This pillow is a great idea, but as a petite lady 5' 1" it was not sized for me. BE Careful, there is a 2 week return policy on this only. So you barely get to try it and they have to receive it by 2 weeks from the date you purchased it. I thought it was 30 days. So I'm stuck with a pillow that is too high for by neck. I purchased this pillow after a Youtube review.

Kari Grue

Simply in love. I mean, Norwegian in love


I love my pillow! It has made a huge difference in my sleep and skin. Kathy was so helpful and responsive. I would definitely recommend this to purchase.


I have spent hundreds in my quest to find a pillow that offered my neck constant support while sleeping. After a month of debating, I decided to give this pillow a try. Oh Em Gee, I have found the holy Grail of pillows!! I feel so refreshed when I wake up in the morning & my neck issues have greatly reduced and it’s only been 10 days! The beauty benefits are an extra bonus that I am grateful for. Buy this pillow NOW!!


I am so happy I bought this pillow! I had tried about three different types of anti-wrinkle pillows. I also tried to train myself to sleep on my back, but ended up with bad attacks of sleep apnea and it's just not my sleep style. Every morning, I woke up with this awful wrinkle on one side of my face or another that was getting worse. I have been using this pillow for about a month and now that one long wrinkle from my eye area down the side of my cheek is going away, along with a few other small ones. I wake up with no pillow wrinkles. It took a bit to get used to, but in no time the pillow started to work really well. I am so happy I found this pillow.

Francesca Singh

I just revived my sleep and glow pillow this week. For the last couple of months I have been suffering from neck pain and lower back pain. I have never felt better since having the pillow. I have tried so many different pillows and nothing ever helped. This pillow is truly the best!!! Now to get one for my husband


I like it. Convenient, though it wasn't like that at the beginning (as always with a new thing). But, now I like it. I sleep well. No complaints yet.


I got used to the pillow pretty quickly, in 2-3 nights. It is very convenient and very pleasant on the skin. In my opinion, my face looks fresher and less swollen after sleeping. The silk pillowcase is very delicate and soft.


I used to suffer from morning swelling on my face. I tried several expensive water pillows, but nothing worked. Now that I’ve started using Sleep&Glow the swelling around my eyes has begun to disappear. I will continue using the pillow and hope to see even more improvements.


I feel great sleeping on this pillow. I had no difficulty adapting to it from the very first use. The pillow is moderately dense, which is good for me, so my head and neck are not aching in the morning. The pillow doesn’t leave any marks on the face.


Hello! I really like Sleep&Glow! I did not feel any discomfort with my first use, it is very comfy. My head and neck are in the right position, so they don’t get numb and I don't feel tired after sleeping.


I tried a different beauty pillow several years ago, which was a very disappointing experience because I couldn’t sleep on it at all and I eventually abandoned it. Recently, a friend of mine told me about Sleep&Glow. She said that it was very comfortable, and she liked it even more than her usual pillow. I decided to try it and it worked – my skin looks better, and I am enjoying a nice, deep sleep. Also, when I received the item, I was pleasantly surprised how beautifully everything was packed - fancy wrapping paper, a box, a glossy brochure. Delivery was also very quick.


I needed no adaptation period because I used to sleep on a similar pillow, but the previous one made my ears ache. Sleep&Glow is comfortable, and the silk pillowcase is very cool! I have no issues at all! Thank you for the wonderful pillow!


I made multiple attempts to get used to sleeping on my back, but I just cannot relax like that. When I saw the ad, I decided that I needed to try this pillow. I usually have pretty deep sleep lines that don’t completely disappear in the mornings, but now I can say that I look less swollen for sure. Hope these sleep lines and pillow marks will disappear completely at some point. I got used to the Sleep&Glow pillow quickly, because I used to sleep on an orthopaedic pillow before, it feels very similar.


This pillow is quite a cool product. Before, I noticed that that my facial skin got stretched during the night and I would see pillow marks on my face in the morning. I’ve been using Sleep&Glow for only a week, but I’ve already noticed a difference. In the mornings my face is not as swollen as before and looks fresher and younger. I immediately got used to the design of the pillow, since I had used an orthopaedic pillow before.


To sleep on this beauty pillow is a pleasure; it's really comfortable. I don't see any pillow marks on my face, and my neck pain faded away. I would recommend this pillow to my friends.


My biggest concern was that this pillow would be uncomfortable, as its shape is odd. But, now I can say it is very comfortable. I felt some discomfort during the first night, but the second night was fine. I bought this pillow to no longer wake up with a squashed face. It really works, maybe not 100%, but 70-80% for sure. The only thing I don't like is its high price, but I must say that the pillow material is very high quality and the pillowcase made of natural eucalyptus fabric is very soft to the touch.


I wanted to say that the material of the pillow is so comfortable, it just wraps my face! My husband asks if there is an ordinary orthopedic pillow made of such material? Where could I buy it?


This pillow foam is just superb. I do not know what it is, but it feels like it comfortably wraps around my face and head. And, it's not too soft and not too firm, very comfortable! The pillow package looks like an expensive cream box – the box itself, wrapping paper, detailed instruction – all is top-quality.


My main problem is morning puffiness, as I like burying my face in the pillow. In the morning, my face looks swollen and riddled with pillow creases. I spent a long time deciding whether or not to buy the Sleep&Glow pillow, as it costs a lot, but eventually I decided to try it. In the beginning, it seemed a bit strange, but I quickly got used to it after only one night. I was surprised how comfortable it was. After the first night, I noticed that my swelling decreased slightly. In two weeks, my overall complexion looks healthier.


It took me some time to get used to the Sleep&Glow pillow, because it was higher than my previous one, but it was not that difficult. I followed the instructions and adapted to it in a couple of nights, and now I’m even thinking of taking it on vacation. I want also to say the foam is very comfortable and my neck finally stopped going numb. I cannot say anything about the wrinkles as I don’t have many of them, but I sleep well and look better for sure. Morning puffiness also went away. I used to have a different orthopaedic pillow, a much more expensive one, but I won’t return to it.


I just want to ask why you can wash your pillowcase only at 30-40℃? It's very inconvenient for me, because I normally wash bed linen at 90℃. I like the pillow itself very much, but the pillowcase is not thought out that well. Please, make pillowcases that can be washed at 90℃!


Hello. I got my pillow. It’s the second night I’ve slept on it and I’m enjoying it. Thank you very much, I don't see one single morning line on my face. The pillow is very comfortable and pleasant to lie on. I didn’t even have to get used to it. I'm very happy with it.


I saw a Sleep&Glow commercial on Facebook and bought it without thinking, even though it is pretty expensive for me. Before I had tried various orthopaedic pillows, with different organic fillers such as bamboo buckwheat or feathers. However, as I am a stomach sleeper who likes putting my arms under the pillow, I often woke up with pains in my head, neck, shoulders and arms. I did not have to get used to Sleep&Glow at all, we made friends right away. Surprisingly, I began to get better sleep almost immediately. My face doesn’t look squashed in the mornings anymore, despite the fact that I sleep for just 5-6 hours. I plan to give Sleep&Glow to my daughter as a Christmas gift, so she can have a good sleep. I definitely recommend it!


I bought this pillow for both my mother and I. The first night was a little bit of an adjustment to sleep in these cradles, but after that I got used to it quickly. My mom got used to it in a couple of nights too. Almost immediately, the swelling in my face decreased and my mind became clearer in the mornings. Sleep wrinkles became less noticeable, especially so on my mother’s face - she saw a difference after one month of use. In general, it is very comfortable to sleep on, especially on your back, which is the healthiest position to sleep in. I don’t want to use regular pillows anymore, so I take Sleep&Glow with me when I travel.


Thank you for the pillow, it is so convenient! I was comfortable with it immediately, without any adaptation period necessary. Even when I’m out of town I take it with me as now I don’t want to sleep on anything else. My husband also likes it a lot. My face puffiness visibly decreased, which is a big deal for me because my body is prone to swelling.


Thank you very much, the pillow is awesome. I have implants in my neck, so finding a comfortable position for sleep is quite a challenge for me. With this pillow, I felt comfortable from the very first night; I didn't even have to get used to it. Just a miracle!


I was hesitant before ordering Sleep&Glow, since I had slept on orthopaedic pillows before and had felt no special effects. But, after I bought Sleep&Glow, I noticed my morning swellings were gone and my sleep became deeper. I easily get up early now, even without an alarm clock. Thank you for that product!


I bought this pillow because I wanted to get rid of my "crumpled" morning face. I have been using it for three months and I have never regretted choosing Sleep&Glow, despite having disappointing experiences with various orthopaedic pillows of different shapes and similar prices before. The foam is fantastic! I would strongly recommend this product!


I regularly applied masks and did face gymnastics, but when I woke up my face was still covered with pillow marks and creases. I bought Sleep&Glow a week ago after some hesitation and reading a lot of reviews, since its price is quite high. But now I’m satisfied. Thank you. I don’t have morning lines or neck pains anymore.

Jo Ann

This pillow is just great! It is really pleasant to sleep on, not too soft and not too firm. You feel as though you’re sleeping on a cloud. I decided to use it right away for the whole night, and I can say that the first couple of nights I felt unusual, but then I got used to it. Besides the younger-looking skin, I felt that my back pain had disappeared. The standard pillowcase is also great – very gentle to the touch and pleasant to the skin. I am very happy with the purchase!!


It’s been a month since I started to sleep on the Sleep&Glow pillow. And I will continue doing so. I haven’t identified any disadvantages. Some may say that the price is too high, but I think that true quality is worth the money. Material quality, no smells, material resistance yet softness for comfortable sleep and touch were important to me. Sleep&Glow met my criteria. I can reassure you that this pillow is the most comfortable one from all orthopaedic pillows I’ve ever tried.

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